Movies Watched in 2012:

Urban Legend (1998) (dir. Jamie Blanks)

A run-of-the-mill slasher that tried (and failed) to replicate the success of Scream. Pretty, articulate young people examine horror in society (in Scream’s case it was horror films, in Urban Legend’s case it is urban legends) while a killer with an unknown identity is on the loose. What Scream did correctly was pack clever dialogue, likable characters, good red herrings, and intense action into a neat little meta package. It’s sad to see Urban Legend try so hard to do the same thing, and end up with dialogue that thinks its MUCH smarter than it is, one-dimensional characters, a useless “mystery” and motive, and generic action. There are some decent actors in this film too, but the script is so ham-fisted and stupid it is impossible to see it as anything but a misstep for anyone.


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